Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Q: I noticed that my Local Bead Store did not have a Southern California Local Bead Store Association decal on the window. Should I be concerned? 

    A: No. There are stores in Southern California that are not members. While they are not     benefiting from the advantages of this association these stores are places you should still continue to shop because each bead store has a different array of product selection from which to choose. The association is a strong supporter of shopping locally.

  • Q: Why should I support the Local Bead Store?

     A: The Local Bead Store is your source of inspiration, education and friendship. You will be able to see product and quality first hand. The knowledge that these stores have on techniques and trends is valuable to any beader.

    You are also shopping locally. By doing this you are supporting a small business in your community that gives back in so many ways. One way is by employing personal, paying local taxes which supports your schools, parks, community services and more. The other way they give back is being there for you. Go into your local bead store and find out about workshops, Make N' Takes, and more. 

  • Q: What is the benefit of shopping a Southern California Local Bead Store Association member store?

    A: By shopping a member store, you know that you are shopping somewhere that has a "Seal of Approval" so to speak. These stores are always looking for ways to bring you the best shopping experience possible by having available the newest products, knowing the current and future trends, and understanding their customers needs. Because member stores know more about other members stores they can refer you to the nearest store because they are aware of what the product selection or services others offer.

    These member stores have combined their years of experience in this industry along with their past careers to make your time in their stores fun, exciting and inspirational. The world of retail is always changing and by staying on top of this industry it will only make your shopping experience better. 

    You will benefit from major events that all member stores put on like Project Bead or the Bead Shop Hop. This is all because you have asked for it and we are bringing it!

  • Q: I had a bad experience at a store that is a member of the Southern California Local Bead Store Association. Can I share this experience with someone? 

     A: YES!  Please email 

  • Q:  I'm a Local Bead Store owner and would like to join the association. How do I become a member?

    A: Please email for an application.